Living With Passion Pilot Course + 3 FREE BONUSES

I am beyond excited to announce that I  I am launching a pilot course for my new and improved Living With Passion Course plus 3 FREE BONUSES at a discount rate of $65!

    Have you been wanting to live with passion more but have had fears, negative feelings and emotions for too long?

   Ever  since I have  been diagnosed with my neurological disorder Huntington's disease I have been learning more and more  everyday  about striving to live with passion!

   Before I started my blog I felt different and imperfect but  my blog changed my outlook on life and my HD journey and I soon realized that people  are inspired by my imperfections and to embrace them!

   I have always always had  a teachers heart and loved children and watching them learn and grow  and  my dream, desire, passion and purpose was to be a classroom teacher. Since  I was diagnosed with HD, my purpose and desire has changed from being a classroom teacher to teaching the world about HD by beicon advocate and teaching, inspiring, and empowering those who need it how to live with passion  and this is also the reason why I was diagnosed and fight through the hard  everyday!

    The mission is to teach, empower and inspire those who are struggling with negative feelings and emotions on how to live without passion and make their outlook on life more positive and changed for the better!

    So I I know and understand how hard it truly is to do some thing that you are not used to and out of your comfort zone because it took the push from my sister to start my blog because of all  my fears  but I also know how amazing it  can feel and life changing experience when you take you take a leap of faith and jump despite your fears and be fearless!  So I am encouraging you to get out of your comfort zon  and to  be fearless  and to enroll in my new and improved Living With Passion Pilot E Course!

I can promise you that it  will be worth your money because it's an one and only course were you will learn  how :
- to let go of anxiety 
- to be fearless
-   to be compassionate 
- to truly love your own life 
- to slow down and truly live with passion
- to alter your outlook on life
-  to follow your passions, purposes dreams, desires, and callings 

Here is FREE  BONUS1:

Anxiety is a hard and real  thing to deal with and it's something that I struggle with and I know that you do as well! The FREE BONUS 1 an email consult of 15 emails from me on  how to let go of your anxiety and I will provide personalized tips and tricks on what you can do when you are feeling anxious!

15 email consults  from me on how to live with passion so you can get personalized advice on striving to live with passion!

FREE BONUS 3: Open Learning Living With Passion Facebook Group so you can share your trials and tribulations on your living with passion journey and get feedback from others on the same journey as you!

I know that you are going to want to be a part of the building process and at a discount rate of $65 and these amazing and incredible 3 FREE BONUSES that your going to take the leap of faith and trust me
when I tell you that this course is a life changing experience for you!



My blog has changed my life for the better!

   My little blog has been very life - changing for me. When I shared my first blog post Our Story Matters I was really scared and anxious about what people would think, when knowing that I had Huntington's Disease, but despite my fears I was fearless and posted my first blog post anyways. The responses that I received were absolutely amazing and encouraging to keep sharing my HD journey.

     Before I had started my blog, I felt self conscious about my differences but with  sharing my story with the world, I quickly learned to embrace my imperfections and that ever body is different,

  I was inspired to write a memoir and have it self published in paperback, and kindle create an e course , a newsletter, and a creative business all because of the love, support, and encouragement that my blog has received.

   Today, I listed  watercolor paintings and mixed media paintings for sale on Wix. You can view and  purchase them here !!

      I want to take time to thank YOU, MY READERS, ENCOURAGERS, SUPPORTERS, AND MY INSPIRATION because my little blog would not have been life altering if it was not for YOU!!
I an ever grateful for your love and support that started out as my small Living With Passion blog,  that now has many ventures.
  This blog is now my safe haven to write and get all my feelings and emotions out in  the only form that I know how to. I love nothing more than sharing my heart so thanks for always reading! 



Monday Motivation: Overcoming hardships=strength

Happy Monday!! I have some motivation for your week!! 

When you overcome hard things in your life, you automatically gain more strength! I have to look at my HD struggle as something that is only going to  make me stronger in the end and to me being a fighter is my only choice on my journey!! If you are going through something hard in your life and if you have a bad day, fight through the hard and it will make you grow and learn things about yourself and life! My HD fight  has taught me to live in each moment with true passion, and to be positive and stay in the light, and to choose happiness each day and fight off all the other negative emotions! I am pushing and motivating you to be a fighter!

As always thanks for reading because I love nothing more than sharing  my heart,