Motivation Monday Living With Passion Affirmation

Happy Motivation Monday! This week I'm motivating you with Living With Passion Affirmations that I want you to tell you that yourself:
- I'm going to radiate with happiness!
-I'm going to slow down and live in the moment!
- I'm going to be a compassionate person! 
- I'm going to embrace my imperfections and differences!
 -I'm going to be brave, fearless, and courageous!
- I'm going to soak up the good in each and every moment!
- I'm going to find and follow my passions!
- I am going to strives to live with passion!

Have a motivated day!!

Thanks for reading,


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Motivation Monday: Finding Your Passion

Happy Monday Motivation!

Today I am encouraging you to find your passion by:
  • following your heart
  • focusing  on what excites you
  • quieting your mind and listen to your soul
  • looking to where your mind wanders
My passion is teaching, empowering, and inspiring others through  my Living With Passion Creative Business!!

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Thanks for reading and have an inspiring day,


Wearing With Passion Wednesday!

Happy  Wednesday Friends!

My goal is to blog twice a week on Motivation Monday and Wearing With Passion Wednesday!

Wearing with passion is a part of self care which is a part of living with passion!

When you look good you always feel good!

This weeks wearing with passion looks are all from my sister and  new brothers wedding weekend when  I truly had the time of my life and everyone there was so beyond sweet, helpful, and understanding of me and my HD journey!

Here is my podcast episode about the wedding weekend  so listen here !!

So today and everyday I am inspiring you to get out of your yoga clothes, take care of your beself and feel good by looking good and wearing with passion!

If  you want to be apart of the wearing with passion community for support and advice then join my Wearing With Passion Facebook Group!

Have an inspiring day,