Thank YOU for your love and support

Good morning friends!!

I hope you all had a great weekend! I spent sometime  with my family! It was a really good weekend with my sister here. :)

I wanted to take sometime out today to thank YOU, the reader! I would not be here blogging and sharing my heart, if it wasn't for YOU. So whether your from the blog world, an Instagram follower, my family, or my friend thank you for your encouragement, love and support. I am so grateful for this safe little space where I can share my journey; the good and the bad of Huntington's Disease. YOU reading means the world to me.

I am ever so grateful for the many of you who have donated and /or committed to walk with me as we walk for a cure of Huntington's Disease on Team Alexandra! I am just smitten with the amount of love I have received for sharing my story!! Our story matters. I am also ever grateful to the Bain family for helping me get to Kansas! Thanks for being my second family! I said this to my Jenny and it couldn't be more true...I am grateful for my family and their support but they are my family, when friends love and support me it proves they are family.

If you are reading and thinking, "what can I do?"  YOU can donate to us as we walk for a CURE of HD.
Help for Today. Hope for Tomorrow.

Thanks for considering,



Blogging about the HARD with HD

I just wanted to take a second to thank all of my readers, THANK YOU! Without YOU all I wouldn't be blogging. I am so overwhelmed with the amount of support and love my little blog has. I  thought my family would read my blog, but I have received messages from family, sister friends, instagram followers, bloggers, and old friends that are following my story, and my blog. Thank you, thank you!! On the hard days its great to have so much support and love.

My sister and I have a goal of bringing awareness to Huntington's disease with my new blog and that can't be done unless I share about the REAL and the HARD. I texted my sister yesterday saying that I was having a really hard day and she suggested to me that I blog about it. 

So today I am going to share what's been on my heart the past few days...

As I said in my post Sunday morning, Saturday was PERFECT. I was happy, thankful, it was just a beautiful day! But Sunday.. Sunday was HARD and REAL.

Of course I chose to spend Easter Sunday with all my family so it was tough to have hard and real day with all of them around. But, thats exactly how its been with HD- so many highs and so many lows.

One of the reasons Easter was so hard for me was because all I wanted to do was pick up my niece Francesca and love on her, but because my balance was so off I couldn't do that. And I know there is going to be more and more things I cant do with her and that's hard because I just LOVE her so much.

I don't want to be the one who is different from everyone else. Right now that is one of my biggest struggles - being DIFFERENT.

Sharing about the real with this disease is really hard, but oh so good at the same time. So again, THANK YOU for following along with  my journey. As always, I am going to end with some GOOD.

I know that even if I am DIFFERENT, I have a family who will love me any ways.

I'm a riser
I'm a get off of the ground, don't run and hider 
When pushin' comes to shove,
Hey I'm a fighter
When darkness comes to town, I’m a lighter
A get out aliver, of the fire 
-Dierks Bentley

As always thanks for reading, 


Henry Family Easter Egg Hunt

What an amazing day I have had :)
In my family we consider our cousins to be like brothers and sisters,
not cousins.

My cousin Melissa is like a sister to me, and one of the best friends I could ever have. She is a beautiful and amazing Mom and teacher, and I love her more than she knows. She is always including me in everything, so today she had an Easter egg hunt, with all her friends, our cousins who have kids,and me, I am beyond grateful for her. She knows just how big my heart is for kids :) 

It was just one of those days, were I had so many moments where I was beyond thankful for life,and so grateful for so many people who love me no matter what.

Life is too short not to get dirty in the sand box with the kids  :)

My cousins are all starting to have babies now, and I consider them my nieces and nephews and I consider myself to be an Auntie. These nieces and nephews mean EVERYTHING to me. I love being involved in their little lives, and am beyond smitten with them. Thanks to their parents
for allowing me to be so involved :)

One of my other favorite things is watching all of this new generation of kids is watching them all play with each other, and love on each other. They may be little but they understand that in our family, 
family is our EVERYTHING.  I was watching Payton being smitten with her cousin Myles, and it just warms  my heart.

Mom and Francesca 

Dad and Francesca 

uncle Marc and Payton

Mama and Myles

Uncle Marc and Francesca

Colin and Uncle Marc

Payton looking for eggs with Auntie Ang

After the egg hunt, I went  to dinner with my cousin Chelsie, and all her friends. It was a beautiful day!!

 Thank you Henry family for having us!!

Now I am headed to my Auntie Carol's for some more family time. 

Thanks for reading
 I hope you had a beautiful Easter weekend as well.




Our Story Matters

Welcome to my very first blog post. I am so excited you're here. I have always always been a fan of bloggers, and the way they share their hearts, and their stories. I have been wanting to start my own blog for awhile now, but I have had a lot of inner fears about putting myself out there. Who will want to know your heart and your story? What will blog readers think of you? This morning I received this message from my sister, Elizabeth "I think you should start a blog - you are so postivtive and uplifitng and I think it would be a great way to get your feelings out, and connect with others, " and I decided that she was exaclty right. So today I decided to listen to my sister, and share my heart, and my story. I am putting my fears aside, if their is one thing I learned from all my favorite bloggers, it's that OUR STORY MATTERS! 

What is something you have been wanting to do, but instead are listening to your fears?! Put your fears aside, and go for it! It feels very uplifitng! 

I am a 23 year old teacher of students with Autism, living with Huntington's Disease. I will blog about how I cope and how HD  has had a positive change on  the out look on my life, and how I truly live in each moment with passion. I will share my heart, and my story, thanks for following along.

10 of my favorite blessings
1. family
2. friends
3. faith
4. crafting
5. shopping
6. the sun
7. beach days
8. any and all children
10. coffee
Thank you thank you for reading!!
Have a blessed day,