Blogging about the HARD with HD

I just wanted to take a second to thank all of my readers, THANK YOU! Without YOU all I wouldn't be blogging. I am so overwhelmed with the amount of support and love my little blog has. I  thought my family would read my blog, but I have received messages from family, sister friends, instagram followers, bloggers, and old friends that are following my story, and my blog. Thank you, thank you!! On the hard days its great to have so much support and love.

My sister and I have a goal of bringing awareness to Huntington's disease with my new blog and that can't be done unless I share about the REAL and the HARD. I texted my sister yesterday saying that I was having a really hard day and she suggested to me that I blog about it. 

So today I am going to share what's been on my heart the past few days...

As I said in my post Sunday morning, Saturday was PERFECT. I was happy, thankful, it was just a beautiful day! But Sunday.. Sunday was HARD and REAL.

Of course I chose to spend Easter Sunday with all my family so it was tough to have hard and real day with all of them around. But, thats exactly how its been with HD- so many highs and so many lows.

One of the reasons Easter was so hard for me was because all I wanted to do was pick up my niece Francesca and love on her, but because my balance was so off I couldn't do that. And I know there is going to be more and more things I cant do with her and that's hard because I just LOVE her so much.

I don't want to be the one who is different from everyone else. Right now that is one of my biggest struggles - being DIFFERENT.

Sharing about the real with this disease is really hard, but oh so good at the same time. So again, THANK YOU for following along with  my journey. As always, I am going to end with some GOOD.

I know that even if I am DIFFERENT, I have a family who will love me any ways.

I'm a riser
I'm a get off of the ground, don't run and hider 
When pushin' comes to shove,
Hey I'm a fighter
When darkness comes to town, I’m a lighter
A get out aliver, of the fire 
-Dierks Bentley

As always thanks for reading,