Henry Family Easter Egg Hunt

What an amazing day I have had :)
In my family we consider our cousins to be like brothers and sisters,
not cousins.

My cousin Melissa is like a sister to me, and one of the best friends I could ever have. She is a beautiful and amazing Mom and teacher, and I love her more than she knows. She is always including me in everything, so today she had an Easter egg hunt, with all her friends, our cousins who have kids,and me, I am beyond grateful for her. She knows just how big my heart is for kids :) 

It was just one of those days, were I had so many moments where I was beyond thankful for life,and so grateful for so many people who love me no matter what.

Life is too short not to get dirty in the sand box with the kids  :)

My cousins are all starting to have babies now, and I consider them my nieces and nephews and I consider myself to be an Auntie. These nieces and nephews mean EVERYTHING to me. I love being involved in their little lives, and am beyond smitten with them. Thanks to their parents
for allowing me to be so involved :)

One of my other favorite things is watching all of this new generation of kids is watching them all play with each other, and love on each other. They may be little but they understand that in our family, 
family is our EVERYTHING.  I was watching Payton being smitten with her cousin Myles, and it just warms  my heart.

Mom and Francesca 

Dad and Francesca 

uncle Marc and Payton

Mama and Myles

Uncle Marc and Francesca

Colin and Uncle Marc

Payton looking for eggs with Auntie Ang

After the egg hunt, I went  to dinner with my cousin Chelsie, and all her friends. It was a beautiful day!!

 Thank you Henry family for having us!!

Now I am headed to my Auntie Carol's for some more family time. 

Thanks for reading
 I hope you had a beautiful Easter weekend as well.