Thank YOU for your love and support

Good morning friends!!

I hope you all had a great weekend! I spent sometime  with my family! It was a really good weekend with my sister here. :)

I wanted to take sometime out today to thank YOU, the reader! I would not be here blogging and sharing my heart, if it wasn't for YOU. So whether your from the blog world, an Instagram follower, my family, or my friend thank you for your encouragement, love and support. I am so grateful for this safe little space where I can share my journey; the good and the bad of Huntington's Disease. YOU reading means the world to me.

I am ever so grateful for the many of you who have donated and /or committed to walk with me as we walk for a cure of Huntington's Disease on Team Alexandra! I am just smitten with the amount of love I have received for sharing my story!! Our story matters. I am also ever grateful to the Bain family for helping me get to Kansas! Thanks for being my second family! I said this to my Jenny and it couldn't be more true...I am grateful for my family and their support but they are my family, when friends love and support me it proves they are family.

If you are reading and thinking, "what can I do?"  YOU can donate to us as we walk for a CURE of HD.
Help for Today. Hope for Tomorrow.

Thanks for considering,