Final thoughts on my trip to KANSAS

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In case you missed the first and second post on my trips to Kansas, you can find them here and here .

Part Three:

Saturday night I stayed at Jenny and Taylor's apartment in KC and then on Sunday morning Jenny and I went and got coffee. It was gorgeous out, we walked to Starbucks. It was  the first time all weekend that it was just me and Jenny (we were with family and friends all weekend) so it was nice to just be with her for a little while.  I miss her already. 

Jenny drove me back to Olathe and my family went to the Loritz for Braden's  birthday. I was upstairs with my Haley girl while the boys did their thing. Have I told you how much I just love Haley? 
Finally, we said bye to the Loritz family and went to a cookout  at the Bellamy's with the Marozas family. 

Jenny was at the pool with two of her nieces that I hadn't seen so I walked with Hagan to the pool, and later our families came down. 
The park hill manor pool is where our friendships all started- it was nice to be there together again. It was where I first met Jenny.

When we had to say good bye, I didn't want to leave, I cried saying bye to every one. Our friends had been SO GOOD  to us, we couldn't be more thankful.

It was a beautiful end to a perfect weekend.

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