HD Awareness Month: Why I have the best team of doctors

Good morning readers!!

May is HDSA Huntington's Disease Awareness Month and I am going to be sharing about my journey all month long in order to help raise awareness and donate to a cure

I have had two guest bloggers bravely share their stories. In case you missed those:
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Yesterday morning I went to my cousin Melissa's house to see her and my niece and nephews. I knew I had an important doctors apt later and I needed to talk to her about it but also I needed to laugh and smile to get my mind off things for a little. Luckily, I was able to do a little of both :). I was able to talk to Melissa about HD- my fears and worries. She always gives THE best advice. I know she is so busy right now being a working mom but she is she is still always willing to talk to me. She also offered to come to the support group and I love her for that. 

I am also going to be sharing about why God blessed me with the best team of doctors and genetic counselor:
-They are compassionate, they listen and truly care about me as a patient AND as a person.
-They act like they have all the time in the world for me;  I never feel rushed.
-They are constantly reminding me of all my choices and never forcing me to decide one way or another. 
-They have the best interest of the patient at heart. For example, yesterday I asked Dr. Frank about a clinical trial he is currently working on and he let me know all about it. He also gave me advice on the best choice for me. I loved that he never PUSHED the trial on me, even though it is his trial, that meant everything to me.
-They make me feel special and admirable. They constantly remind me of how far I came since my first appointment in December. I was so emotional I could not even talk, to my last appointment when I said I  was ready to kick HD in the butt! I got there with them. They make me feel like a fighter, and that we can conquer anything together.
-They SUPPORT me as a person and genuinely get excited with me as good thing in my life happen. For example, this blog- I know they are  reading this post ;)

Thank you for reading, I wouldn't be here without you.