Kansas Part Two: HDSA Team HOPE walk

As many of you know, the whole reason we went to Kansas was to walk for a cure for HD. Right now there is no cure or great treatments for HD.

One of our family friends, Michelle donated her time and organized a Team Alexandra for the KC HDSA walk. I am ever grateful for her and the role she took in helping find a cure.

In the morning, it was raining and I was nervous that people wouldn't show up. BUT they all showed up with their umbrellas and were all just as committed as I am to raising awareness and a cure.

There was over 40 people on my team, and over 100 people at the  event. We raised over $10,000 for the HDSA (which crushed the goal of $5,000!)

I could not have been happier or more thankful for all the people that came out for me. It was one of those perfect days  where I just kept thinking over and over how lucky I was. Physically, I felt amazing; Emotionally and mentally I was on a high of happiness. I felt strong, and like a fighter. I felt like no matter what happens, I  have so many people who love me. Every one on my team proved that they weren't just, friends, they truly are my Kansas family. 

Walking with 40 people, I felt infinite, like I can do any thing. On Saturday I was reminded that miracles happen. 100 people show up in the rain and raised $10,000 for HD, that is a INCREDIBLE.

My sweet Haley girl held my hand the ENTIRE walk. She is my little support system - just melts my heart.

I don' t know how to thank all of you who walked and or donated to me. My words will NEVER give justice. Just know you all hold a very very special place in my heart.
 The Bellamy Family
 The Loritz Family
Ashley and Amanda
"Papa Ken" and Brock
Molsen Family - we missed you Trav!!

All of my friends who came :)
Marozas and Shields Family
 Me and My Haley
Team Alexandra

The Bain Family

After the walk I went out to lunch with the Bain Family, my second family, my Jenny's family. Jenny and I have best friends for 14 years s0 our families have become each other's families, it's just how it is. It was so great to see them this weekend as they have been such great supporters of me.

For dinner I went out with my Olathe South friends, and then we went to power and light. It was so AMAZING to have them at the walk with me and then spend their day with me. They really are my Olathe South family. We had a lot of laughs, and caught up with what was going on with each other. I needed  that friend time so badly, it was so great.

It was just an indescribably great day.