Thank YOU for reading

Good morning readers

I had so many fears about starting a blog about my journey with Huntington's Disease. When my sister first suggested to me to blog about my first hard day and the day I blogged about the loss of being a mother, that was so hard because I was being so open, telling you truth about my fears. I thought, what will people think? Will people understand?? But what I learned was you were there for me offering words of encouragement and advice. And now thanks to all the love and support I have received for sharing my story, I realize our story matters.

Anyways, I just wanted to take some time out to thank YOU, the reader. Whether your my family, an old friend, my best friend, or from the instagram and blog community and I have never met you, I appreciate you. your emails, facebook messags, texts, comments, instragram comments, and views just melt my heart. When I receive something from a blog reader, it makes my day be a GREAT DAY!

I even had some people say, after reading your blog, I have researched about HD. If I can inspire and educate just ONE person, this is all worth it.

Thanks to you all I now that being brave and fearless - is SO worth it 

This blog has become my safe haven - a beautiful space to share my heart. I  couldn't do that without your encouragement. I believe God knew I needed this community of people behind me.

This morning I have happy tears, and its all because of YOU!

Never alone,