Trip to Kansas: Part One

I am so excited to share about a perfect weekend :)

This weekend I went to Kansas to see my friends and attend the HDSA team HOPE walk.

It was an absolutely beautiful and perfect weekend :) My symptom were non existent; it was amazing!! Perhaps it was because I was so happy and excited :)

I feel so happy and loved :)

I am going to blog in three parts: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Part One: Friday

The second the plane wheels touched the ground I felt home. I was so anxious to see all my friends and family. I was happy and couldn't wait to get off the plane! 

We went to Spin Pizza with 25 of our family friends. Being there reminded me how great my parents friends are. They are truly the best friends!! As mentioned many times before, they are all like family to us, I love them all like family. It was a great night! It was so great to see every one and catch up.

We also invited my best friend, Jenny, and her family, so I got to see Jenny on Friday and squeeeze her! 

Also, I was also excited to see my Haley girl, and her family, the Loritz! They are such great friends to us! I have a special bond with Haley, I have been baby sitting her her whole life. She is just the sweetest to me and has my heart.  I missed her so much. 

Haley and I 

Haley wrote me the sweetest card, and gave me a wallet!
Me and Jenny can't get enough of  our Haley 

I also took a picture with all of the kids  I used to babysit, they are all taller than me now. I still can't get over how grown up they are :)
Drew and I - we missed a picture with his brother Cole 
Mason, Me, Hagan, and AJ - my original babies :)
Braden, Brock, and Haley with their baby sitters 
Her I am with my second parents, my Jenny's parents, Rick and Debi
Jenny has 5 nieces and nephews and they all claimed me as their Aunt. I love them all as if they were my own. Here is the oldest, our first little baby, Paige
Me and my best friend for 14 years Jenny. Thank you for spending your ENTIRE weekend with me. Your ring is  beautiful, and I am so proud of the person you are!!! Thanks for being my best friend since 6th grade.  I miss you already!
Haley and Ken
Michelle, Heidi, my mom, and Crystal -LOVE you all :)
Me with my moms friends
group pic -minus Loritz family

It was really a PERFECT night - thanks to everyone who came

Thanks for reading,