Convention bound :)

I am so excited to announce it is convention week!!!

This week I will be attending the HDSA national convention with my sister I'm Kentucky :)

I think it will be so amazing for me. I need that sense of community of people who just understand it. My family and my friends have been so amazing and supportive, but at the end of the day, they really don't understand.

I am looking forward to  meeting people who do understand me. I am looking forward to meeting people who are just as passionate as finding a cure as I am. I am looking forward to having an HD family  and community!

On thursday, There will be a whole day dedicated to the youth, NYA day!! I am most exited for that day :)

I just wanted to take  minute to thank Seth for encouraging Liz and I to attend and apply for the NYA scholarship! Liz and I both got our flights paid for by the HdSA :) thanks for all you do to find a cure Seth!

Thanks for reading,