HDSA Team Hope Walk: Boston

Hi Readers,

I am going to be walking for a third time for a cure for Huntington's Disease.  I will be walking at  on the  HDSA Team Hope Walk at  Castle Island in Boston on Sept 6th at 10 am. 

I walked the same course the previous year with about 40 of my family members. We walked in memory of my Dad and all of his family who had passed or struggled with HD.  Last year we walked for my sister, myself, and many cousins who were at risk. 

In the past year, I have had the diagnosis of HD. This year we will be walking on Boothby Angels/Team Alexandra. 

When I received the diagnosis, our family friend Michelle organized a Team Alexandra for the Kansas HDSA Team Hope Walk, and I walked for a cure for the second time. I was blown away with all of the walkers and donations I had. To se e that post go here

Now I am going to be walking for a cure for a third time. If my journey with HD has taught me one thing it's that I can't do this alone. I need my caretakers and support system.
Thankfully I have been blessed with the very best of both. 
I can't walk and raise money for a cure alone - I need your help and support. 

I already have 22 family members who have committed to walking with me.  When they all told me they would walk with me it made my day. Knowing I have 22 people who are as committed to finding a cure as  I am warms my heart. They understand this is not an easy journey for me and are committed to helping me. That's what family means to me.
Thank you Thank you Thank you!!

To read my Huntington's story, donate, or register to walk go here

Thanks for considering,