How I get by

Good morning readers,
Thank you for being here.

I am sharing today about some perfect days, and why I have been having perfect days. 

I have been so happy lately because it is summer, and I can never get enough of summer. I have been spending my time at the beach  or pool with my family or at my aunts cottage. I have had so many great days in a row, and I am ever grateful for those perfect days. 

I always say I wouldn't be here without my support system so today I am going to share about who my support system is. 

My family is my everything, my best friends. They are AMAZING to me; supporting me and my trip to the convention, letting me volunteer in their classrooms, having pool days with me, inviting me to the cottage or beach
days, inviting me places with their friends, and sending me flowers. They send an unmeasurable amount of love and support my way. My cousin Melissa was telling me that she was going to make a family schedule for me of who hangs out with me on what days. THAT  is how many people I have loving on me, that different people need different days.Now  I also have my sister Liz living here, and she is a HUGE support to me. 

I would also wouldn't be any where without my friends, specifically my best friend Jenny. I don't know where I would be without this girl. As I get sicker, our friendship gets stronger. And my OS family and sister friends, your support and love gets me by.

And now I have my NYA friends, I get my strength from them. Their strength and resilience inspires me to be strong. They help me get by.

If there is one thing I have learned about my struggle with HD, is that I can not do it alone. And yes HD has forced me to quit working, and some days are harder than others. It is a daily struggle, 
but I do get out of bed every day and live. I do what makes me happy; beach and pool days and spending my time with my friends and family. I could spend my time being depressed and upset about HD, but that's not how I choose to spend my time. My choice is to keep fighting the fight and honor my Dad.  I have physically hard days, days where it is hard to stay positive, and I do everything in my power to stay positive on those days. On the hard days I cope by staying busy with my family, or talking and hanging out with my friends. 

As always thank YOU for following as I share my heart,