More good than bad days

I have been having more good than bad days, and for that I am ever thankful.

I have been doing things I LOVE such as beach days, pool days, family cookouts, sunday morning breakfasts - all my favorite summer things-I have truly been HAPPY despite HD.

I hope you all had a beautiful weekend. 

On Saturday I spent my day at the beach with my Chelsie. It was a PERFECT day, and we reminisced on all the things we used to do as kids at the SAME beach. She has been my best friend forever, and now that I have HD that hasn't ch
anged nd I love her for that.

On Saturday night, we went to my uncle and aunt's for a cookout for Rachel's birthday/ Welcome home Nana and Papa. It was a beautiful night, I got to see all my family, and love on all my nieces and nephews! :)

Thanks for taking such beautiful pictures Auntie Kim

Now that my nana and papa are home, EVERY Sunday means all my family will come over for breakfast. It is my  very favorite tradition, for as long as I can remember Sundays means Sulmonte Family  breakfast :)  Now all my cousins are having babies, and they still all show up to see Nana and Papa,kids in tow. This week we had 25 people here- and  I am just smitten with all the crazy chaos of having that many people at my grandparents. :) My grandparents are pretty amazing if 25 people show up to see them EVERY sunday. It  warms my heart :)

On Sunday after  breakfast, I went and helped my sister  move in to her new apartment in Boston. I am beyond thrilled she is FINALLY here. I can't wait to spend my summer with her, Alex and Emma doodle. :) I honestly have the best sister I could ever ask for moving her boyfriend, dog, and life from Chicago to here. She has my heart :) 
I shared a little about my excitement here.

I really had a blessed and beautiful weekend!!

Thanks for reading,