Why there needs to be a cure - and why I believe in a cure

I am having a hard day so I thought I would share a little bit about what is on my mind with you all today. 

Last night I was in a restaurant and this sweet little baby kept looking over at me and smiling and smiling. My mom said, "You do that to babies!" and she is exactly right, I do that to children. 

 All the children I encounter light my face up. I just have a special place in my heart for children. They make my good days, even  GREATER. I have always been smitten with any and all children. I can't get enough of kids.

Adoption has been 0n my heart for many years. I never wanted to pass the HD gene down, so I had decided that adoption was my choice.  I have read blog post after blog post on adoption.  I didn't care what kind of adoption it was; open, domestic, undomestic. I just wanted to adopt a baby.

Then I was diagnosed with HD, and my heartbroke due to the loss of mother hood. You can read that post here.

But it's still hard, and my heart still aches.  It's why I want a cure so badly. I need a cure so that I can adopt my own baby without having to worry about my child growing up with a sick mother.

I need a cure so that I can love my own children and not have only my nieces and nephews.

I need a cure so I d0n't have to watch my friends having babies, knowing I can't ever have my own.

I need a cure because deep deep down I know I am supposed to be a mother, its just who I am.

I need a cure so my heart doesn't have to break every time I see a mother with her children. 

I KNOW that God is with me on this journey. I have been blessed with more good than bad days.  I feel like a fighter and strong. But everyday I pray  for a cure and to be blessed with a baby. He wouldn't put this all in my heart, if He won't fulfill it.

And I have hope and faith that I will become a mother. 

If you have been touched by my story, you can donate to the HDSA or say a prayer for a cure. 

As always thanks for following my journey,