Zac Brown Band Concert

My sister Liz and I got my mom Zac Brown Band tickets for her birthday and Mother's Day. We were so excited for  a night out together with the original three. My mom and Liz are my first best friends.

 Any thing we do together is always fun, but the Zac Brown Band concert was a BLAST. He was incredible. I can't get enough of his voice. Country music has my heart, and will forever and always remind me of my 14 years in Kansas. I love how no matter what mood  I am in, there is a country
song that relates. We danced and sang all night-it was so perfect. The weather was gorgeous. I could have stayed there forever - so many great moments.  My favorite song was his live version of  "Free" It was amazing!

So grateful she lives here, and we can do all these great things together.

Liz, Me, and Mom

As always thanks for reading as I share my heart,