4th of July

Happy 4th of July!!
I hope you had  a beautiful weekend - I  sure did.

On the night before the 4th, Thursday, I went to my  cousin Matt and his wife Erin's cook out. They have a beautiful house pretty close to the beach.  We ate there and spent time with my family. We all walked to the beach later that night to watch fireworks. It was a really fun and perfect day!

My Dad's sister Mary,  gave me, my mom and Liz the most beautiful "cure HD" bracelet. At the cookout my mom  and I

showedmy aunts and cousins, and told them the beautiful story and they all told me that  they would love to buy and wear one- that warms my heart. The bracelet is made by
 the company, " 3 squeezes" The company was started by the daughter of a mother with HD. When her mother was in the late stages of HD, and they could not communicate, they would squeeze each other on the wrist three times meaning - I love you. To read the story, or buy your own bracelet  go here.  The money goes towards HD.

Love my crazy mama more than she knows - she is a big reason of why I fight HD  so hard. 
She is my biggest supporter :)

 My cousin Melissa and my niece Payton
 - these two have my heart. My cousin Melissa is another one of my biggest supporters.

Our 4th of the July cookout at my aunt and uncles on the  cape was rescheduled from Friday to Sunday because it

 rained on Friday. We ended up having a beautiful weather day.

We boated, beached, and hung out on the raft all day - all of my favorite things. We reminisced  on all of our old cottage days at my nana and papas cottage in the same town.

Nothing can make happier than being on the grass with all my little loves, the hot july sun, ocean breeze, and smell of the ocean, and being with my family.

This new generation of kids are best friends and their faces light up when they see each  other, as does mine when  I watch them all love on each other. It is really amazing to  be  able to witness a whole new generation of our family understand that in our family, your family is everything.

Due to my HD, Ihave chosen not to have any children, a choice that breaks my heart. Days like our 4th of july cookout ith all my gazillion little loves heal my heart. God knew I needed all those  little loves to be in my daily life. :)

Never alone,