Florida Bound!!!!

I am so excitced to be able to announce that I am Marco Island bound!! My parents, grandparents, aunt and uncle have  condos in clear water beach, but this is a part of Florida I have never been to!
I am running around getting a pedicure and finishing packing today, and I leave tomorrow.

I was invited by my moms best friend Crystal to surprise her three kids in Florida. A year ago I moved back to Boston from living 15 years in Kansas. I have only seen the Loritz once since moving.   I have been baby sitting them since Braden was 2, Haley was a  baby , and Brock was not even born yet. Now they are 7, 9, and 11.  I went to Arizona with them, and now I am going to Florida with them.

 To say I have missed them is an understatement. They mean everything to me.  My little Haley is one of my best friends. I am so grateful that their parents are so good to me and decided to invite me. It has given me something to look for ward to. They have been great supporters in my HD journey. They all came out to walk for a cure with me, and my Haley held my hand the enter walk. The Loritz are more like our family than our friends.

Thanks for reading,