In LOVE LOVE LOVE with my summer

Good morning readers,

I have been in LOVE LOVE with this summer! I have been having so many perfect beach, cottage, pool days and fun things with my family, such as Zac Brown Band, and Red Sox games. 

On Sunday, I went to the cottage again, except this time my cousins were there. We hung out on the big raft ALL day- it was beyond PERFECT.

On Monday I went to the Red Sox game with my family- another beautiful and perfect night :)

On Tuesday I had a pool day at my house with my cousins wife Katie, my niece Francesca, and my sister Liz.  I think that I accidentally drank Katies coffee with caffeine rather than mine with decaf, because all of  the sudden my symptoms flared up.  At least I know for sure that it is the caffeine that makes me feel worse.

Besides that incident I have been feeling AMAZING. I am just so grateful to be feeling so great, because  I can do more. I can walk more and be more active. Also the less my body moves, the less exhausted I am.  I also know how it feels to feel awful, to uncontrollable body movements-  its not fun. So I am thankful that this no caffeine thing is allowing me to have the best New England summer ever. I just go, go,go and am so thankful for the best supporters to bring me places. 

On Wednesday I went with my Dad's  sister Mary to see my cousins Colleen and Kerry and my cousin Kerry's new baby.It was a really great morning.

Thanks for reading,