Memories of my Dad

Hi readers,

Today I am going to share some memories of my Dad. This is a topic that is hard for me to share about because he was so important to me. I have received so much love and support for sharing my story that I am going to share my whole story with HD, the good and the bad.  

My dad also had HD.  My parents divorced when I was 10 months old. I saw my dad twice a week. But, when I was 8 we moved to Kansas for my stepdads job, so I saw my Dad less and less. 

Each time I saw my Dad the HD would have progressed more and more.  It was really hard to understand as a child, I didn't get it. In the beginning we would talk to my Dad on the phone but his speech was so slurred. I would cry to my mom each time. I knew he was sick, but couldn't comprehend what the HD did to him.

I remember my Dad would go to the hospital for a few weeks at a time, and then it was permanent.

On December 21st, I went to go visit my dad, having no idea it would be the last time.  I remember him being so frail and 
thin, my strong Dad was deteriorating  before my eyes.

On Christmas Eve day we were supposed to go visit my Dads mom, but I was told that my dad was sick and she was with him. 

Christmas Eve is my favorite day of the year, we have my moms whole side over. My thoughts were with my Dad. I went upstairs away from the crowd and my mom followed me up there to let me know that my Dad no longer had a few years  to live, it was a few days or weeks. All I remember is screaming and falling into my Moms arms. I was just 13 and loosing my Dad to HD.

On December 26th my Dad lost his battle with HD. It was the pneumonia that took his life. He waited until my Aunt and Grandma had told him that my sister And I had said it was okay for him to go.

My Dad had HD but that was not what his life was. His life was my sister and I. He was at every sporting event of ours despite his HD. He was a committed and involved Dad. He loved us fiercely and I loved him just as much. His hospital room was filled with pictures of us, and each time we came he would point his pictures, trying to tell the nurses we were there.

I deeply miss him, but know he is watching over me.

Now that I have HD his strength lives inside of me. I try to live each day with joy and passion in honor of him.