My 24th Surprise Party!

My mom and my sister are really great liars :) After slipping something out in front of me on my birthday, a few hours later I asked what was going on Sunday, and I was given lie after lie, and I sure believed  them.

So on Sunday after family breakfast,  my mom told me she was going to see  my stepdads Mom, while she really got ready for my party. My sister and her  boyfriend took me to IKEA and Target to get me out of the house.

As we were pulling up I saw all the cars, I immediately knew and my heart stopped, and  I was crying, saying omg, I need to change over and over. My mom and Liz knew how important my family is to me, that I wanted to celebrate birthdays while I still can, and how I wanted to celebrate the good days despite HD, and they made that happen.

My family was all hiding in the garage, and then when the door opened they all yelled surprise and happy birthday, and I cried and cried, gave my mom a big hug, my grandparents, my babies, and cousins. My cousin Melissa yelled, we all just love you so much,  it was just a really special moment for me.

Later as they were all singing happy birthday to me, we got the most beautiful picture with every one who loves me, supports, and celebrates me and I had my godson in my arms, I just lost it again.

I was really touched by all of the VERY generous gifts I received, but the greatest gift I received  was them all being there to celebrate me, and all the good, and the bad of my HD,.

What  a day?! Happy tears sure was a trend, my Nana and I sure cried a lot, and she kept telling me just how blessed I was to have all this huge family support me. They are my people.

What I keep thinking about today, is that any concern that my mom and Liz can't truly grasp my HD, is gone. They get me, they know my struggle.