My family are my best friends

One thing that I have learned in my HD journey is that my family really are my BEST FRIENDS.  They are always saving me in one way or another. This included their spouses; we welcome them as if they were our family.We have all become  closer with the challenges that my disease has forced us to get through.

I am always always always choosing to spend time with my family, and I could not be happier when I am with them. We are always seem to have some family event, where we are celebrating some one, and then their is our weekly Sunday breakfasts. Sunday is my favorite day. We also have our beach and pool days.

Yesterday, as I was helping my cousins wife Katie,who I
 consider  more like a sister in law, with my god son, and my 18 month old niece, I had one of those perfect moments. As I
 was feeding my two week old god son, and he kept falling in and   out of sleep in my arms, I almost lost it with happy tears- I had a moment where it all felt so right in the world, where the HD did not matter if I could have moments such as this one. I thought to myself how can my cousins baby mean so much to me,but he does, and they all do. I love their parents for allowing me to be such a big part of all their little lives.

My family is my biggest supporters, my biggest advocates, and they will  be walking for a  cure of HD in September. To donate to the  HDSA Team Hope Walk click Here

My words will never do justice for what my family means to me.

Never alone,