So in love love with my summer

I am so sad to say this summer is flying by!

This summer has truly been one of the best summers I could ever ask for. I am grateful for the small things, and  I have been living in each moment. I have been enjoying my summer so much.

One highlight of this summer has been I have been seeing my Dads family more and more. It is amazing- it makes me feel more connected to my Dad. I love them so much. They are just as great to me as my moms family. They are constantly picking me up, bringing me to dinner, and having me over. Just one more group of people to support and love me through my HD.

Another highlight of this summer is baby James being born, and my cousin James and his wife Katie asking me to be his god mother. It is the greatest honor. Being baby James god  mother  means everything to me. Thanks James and Katie!

I hope you are just as in love with your summer as I am.