summer please do not end!

 I am so sad that it is almost Labor Day because I am not ready for my summer to end!  I am having the best summer, I have truly been happy!

I have been so many places this summer; Kansas to see my friends, Kentucky for the HDSA convention, Marco Island to see family friends, the cape, and Prudence Island. 

I have had countless pool and beach days with my family. 

I watched my cousin get married, had a surprise 24th birthday, became a godmother to baby James, and my sister moved here, went to a Red Sox game, and Zac Brown.

Although I am sad to see summer end, I am for ever grateful for all the memories it holds.  I will always remember the summer after I was diagnosed with HD as being the best one yet. I took full advantage over each aspect Summer has to offer. I don't know  how many more times I will
 get to experience all the things I did this summer due to my HD getting worse. 

But I also have so many things to look forward to in the
 fall; the Boston Team Hope walk,my friend Travis coming to see me, another Kansas trip, and a Florida trip.

But this summer will always always hold a special place in my heart.

As always thanks for reading,