Caffieine and Paleo Diet affects on HD

Hello readers, 
Thanks for following a as I share my heart and story.

As many of you, caffeine makes a world of a difference on almost all of my syptomns. A few months ago I over caffeinated myself. I couldn't even sit in a chair or walk by myself. My movements were AWFUL. I had decided it must have been the caffeine because I had three coffees that day. Ever since that day I have been drinking decaf and my syptomns have been amazing. Not non existent because they are there but just incredibly better. Now the day of my surprise party, I was at Starbucks and was so concerned with ordering my sisters coffee right that I forgot to say decaf when I ordered my coffee. The whole time we were walking In Ikea, I was walking holding my sister or her boy friends arm, my balance was off, I was slurring my words, and having a hard time processing my words. Unless I am extremely tired, those things never happen anymore. It was clearly the caffeine.

 I only figured the caffeine because I over did it one day. So now my thought process has been if caffeine affects me so much, what else affects me that I am putting into my body?? So I began researching and the answer has been the Paleo Diet. Now I will be the first to admit that the Paleo diet seems crazy, no dairy, no grains, no processed foods?? But I have had more than one person tell me that they have heard great things about the paleo diet and HD. I also did my research and it has had good affects on other people so it cant hurt try it. If I did not know how much of a difference caffeine makes I would probably be skeptical. But it really does.

 My mom and my sister both agree with my decision to ease into a Paleo diet and start thinking about what I put into my body more. My mom even pointed out that last week when I had an awful stomach bug and was not eating that my HD was perfect. She is right.

I am going to begin this week by cutting grains and processes food. I will keep you updated on the results.

Once again I know this may sound extreme and crazy, but if you were me and there was a slight chance of bettering your HD syptomns you would jump on board.  I also wanted to clarify that I'm not going off my meds, just  changing what i eat.