Current Feelings

Good morning, 

I have really been enjoying the last few weeks of Summer :)

I have been helping my cousins wife Katie with her babies. It has been really great for both of us.

Also, I am not sure I have told you all about my new Wednesday night sister tradition- I have been going to visit her every Wednesday in Boston!! It's been amazing that she lives here and we get to hang out. I am going tonight!

Over Labor day weekend I went to Prudence Island and the Cape with my cousins! I went fishing for the first time in the ocean, and I caught and held a baby shark!! I have been living my summer with no fears!!!
Me and my god son and my niece in Prudence!

After the HDSA walk on Saturday, I took a ride with my parents, my sister, and her boyfriend to Cape Ann. It was quaint and beautiful. We went in some really cute stores!

I don't want my summer to end, but I have never been one to hate fall. I am just nervous that without my pool and beach days, will I  be happy? I can fight through it I have made it through every thing else. I still have the same people supporting me and spending time with me. Plus, I have a lot of things to look forward to; we have some day trips planned, I am going to Florida in October, and apple picking sometime this fall as a family :).

I have been beyond happy this summer because I am still able to do all the things I love. I'm so grateful for my current state and condition. I have been feeling good. Due to my HD I have no idea what next Summer holds. Does that scare me?? Without a doubt. But dwelling on it is no good. One thing my HD has taught me is to embrace the present--and this past summer, summer was amazing and one I'll never forget.

As always thanks for reading,