Sulmonte and Frenier

Hello readers,

Happy Friday!
I hope you enjoy your weekend!

A long time ago my Papa built an accounting firm. When he retired he passed the firm on to my Aunt and Uncle. It's a family business. The only people who work there is my cousin Daniel, my aunt, uncle, my moms cousin, and my stepdad. And when I was younger, my Nana used to clean the office and I would go and color in a spare room. :)

Recently, they built and moved into a new office. To say that it's beautiful is an understatement. I am in love with the new office. I have been helping them get organized in the new office. It's perfect because they could really use the help and I am getting out of the house. Staying busy is an important part of me staying happy and they all know that. When I am at the office, time passes by real fast. I believe that helping at the office is going to help me get through fall and winter.

Where it's a family business, I don't feel embarrassed because of my HD. I just feel like myself. I can also chose to go help when I want to. So if I'm having an off day, no big deal. I believe this new arrangement is going to work out perfect. I am already proud of myself for helping despite my HD.

Thank you Auntie Carol and Uncle Chris for allowing me to help out!
And of course, thanks to my Papa who followed his dreams a long long time ago and made this possible for all of us!

Thanks for following along as I share my journey,