A HUGE thank you for all the love from the Boston Globe South article

I am humbled to say the least.

When I first started my blog, I had all these fears about who will want to read my blog? Who will care enough? 

Well I can for sure say that people are coming out of the wood works to care about my blog. I have a huge amount of people- family, friends and people I don't even know care enough to help me raise awareness, and donate to Huntigntons Disease.
I can never thank these people enough!

I had the same fears when  Christie approached me about the article. What will people in Abington think? Abington is a very small close knit town and I was nervous. Who will want to read about me and my disease? But my faith in humanity has been restored becuase people truly do care.

I never once in my lifetime thought I would have an article about me.I am normal person, I have lived a normal life, but have an abnormal disease at a very young age for HD. So  I have decided to tell my story to the world, with support of my family. I  consider myself to be an advoacate for Huntingtons Disease -thanks to all of you who decided to join me!!

My words will never be enough but I wanted to take time out to thanks you for being my support system, caring for me, lovng me,donating, and helping raise awareness,