Exercise and Huntingtons Disease

Happy Friday!

I deeply and truly believe that excercise has been a huge factor in my happiness. I have been walking  30 minutes daily. Some days I walk with my mom, or my cousin Melissa and her kids,  or my cousins wife Katie and her babies. I try to walk everyday because I know just how good it is for me physically, mentally, and emotionally. There have been studies done that say a person with HD should excercise 30 minutes a day. It always lifts my spirits because it gets me outside in the fresh air. I also bought some cute new workout clothes, and my sister bought me new tennis shoes, and three new workout outfits -I can't get enough of them. :)

I have had some good chats with my mom, Katie, and Melissa when I walk with them and it makes the time go faster :) 

I am so grateful to have found something else that helps my HD.

Thanks for reading as I share my story.