health update

Good morning!!

I'm going to update every one today on my neasous and vommitting  syptomns. In my last post I had said that I had a CT scan of my stomach as well as a colonoscopy and an endoscopy- all of those tests came back normal. You can read about that here

Even after my 9 days streak of not keeping anything down, I would be still throwing up once a day every couple day, and then I had a 9 day streak where I kept everything down and thought I was in the clear. On Tuesday I threw up 7 times, so when I was still throwing up Wednesday my mom and  I went to urgent care because I was feeling worse due to being dehydrated. I got two bags of fluids, and two differentr neasous meds, neither of the neasous meds worked. I tried to drink two sips of water and threw it up, so urgent care sent me to the hospital. 

At the hospital I got two more bags of fluids, and two other neasous meds, and once again nothing worked so I was admitted to the hospital on Wednesday night.

So I spent my thanksgiving in the hospital but it could have been worse. I have my own room and I'm so grateful for my hard working doctors and nurses who missed out on being with their own familes to be here with me. And I had my parents, step sister and her boyfriend my auntie Carol, uncle Jim, Auntie Kathy, and my cousin all visit. I received many  really sweet texts, and FaceTimeed with my niece Francesca. I also really appreciate my mom being here most of the day even though it was Thanksgiving. I deeply missed my family but I'm trying to stay positive about the situation. My sister is in Chicago for Thanksgiving but she keeps checking in on me.

So yesterday I had an ultrasound test and an x ray to check for any blockage and both tests came back normal. Today I have another test to see where my food is going and I have a gall bladder test. What I am hoping is that it is my gallbladder and that it has to be removed. I know that may sound crazy but I have had these syptomns for two months, and want an answer.

When will I be home?? Well I can't go home until I keep food and liquids down and if  my gall bladder has to be removed even longer. I would rather be here than at home, the fluids help me feel better we finally found a neasous med that worked, and the nurses take care of me, and my GI specialist are doing their best to give me an answer. I have just been thinking and praying for an answer.

If you could keep me in your thoughts and prayer this week I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks for reading - it was great to get my feelings out



One thing that my HD journey has taught me is that people will love you even if you aren't perfect. They will still love me imperfections and all. They knew and loved me before the HD which means they will still love me despite my HD. It was a long road to get there. In the beginning of my diagnosis, I struggled with feeling different than every one around me and I felt embarrassed.  

Now I realize that no one is the same, and everyone must feel different at some point. I am no longer embarrassed, and feel more confident in myself each day. I have realized that people love me before HD and people still love me after. I have learned to embrace my imperfections. 

I am encouraging you to embrace your imperfections. What is some thing you feel different about- embrace it!!

As always thanks for reading- this space is my safe haven,



Fiercely miss my fly over state, Kansas, but am right where I need to b

I have been deeply missing my friends and Kansas lately. I have been listening to old songs and looking at old pictures that remind me of so many great memories in Kansas. I feel blessed to have loved Kansas so much that I fiercely miss it. I miss my favorite country road and country music up windows down kinda days. I miss OS, KU, and Kappa Delta. I miss arbor creek pool days and my house. I miss everything about my friends that I consider family. I miss Royals tailgates and everything about a Kansas summer.

 But with everything going on with my HD, at the end of the day I need all my family-at the end of the day I am right where I need to be. I miss Kansas but Boston has my family and my heart-It's my home :) 

If I was not here I would not have my beach and cottage days. I would  not have this beautiful Fall in New England or the opportunity to reconnect with my Dads family. I especially would not have my family, who are my support system, my everything,  my best friends. 

So I will alway always miss Kansas but Boston is my home. 

Today I am going to my cousin Melissa's to spend time with her and my niece and nephews one thing I could not do if I lived in Kansas.

Thanks for reading,