Fiercely miss my fly over state, Kansas, but am right where I need to b

I have been deeply missing my friends and Kansas lately. I have been listening to old songs and looking at old pictures that remind me of so many great memories in Kansas. I feel blessed to have loved Kansas so much that I fiercely miss it. I miss my favorite country road and country music up windows down kinda days. I miss OS, KU, and Kappa Delta. I miss arbor creek pool days and my house. I miss everything about my friends that I consider family. I miss Royals tailgates and everything about a Kansas summer.

 But with everything going on with my HD, at the end of the day I need all my family-at the end of the day I am right where I need to be. I miss Kansas but Boston has my family and my heart-It's my home :) 

If I was not here I would not have my beach and cottage days. I would  not have this beautiful Fall in New England or the opportunity to reconnect with my Dads family. I especially would not have my family, who are my support system, my everything,  my best friends. 

So I will alway always miss Kansas but Boston is my home. 

Today I am going to my cousin Melissa's to spend time with her and my niece and nephews one thing I could not do if I lived in Kansas.

Thanks for reading,