health update

Good morning!!

I'm going to update every one today on my neasous and vommitting  syptomns. In my last post I had said that I had a CT scan of my stomach as well as a colonoscopy and an endoscopy- all of those tests came back normal. You can read about that here

Even after my 9 days streak of not keeping anything down, I would be still throwing up once a day every couple day, and then I had a 9 day streak where I kept everything down and thought I was in the clear. On Tuesday I threw up 7 times, so when I was still throwing up Wednesday my mom and  I went to urgent care because I was feeling worse due to being dehydrated. I got two bags of fluids, and two differentr neasous meds, neither of the neasous meds worked. I tried to drink two sips of water and threw it up, so urgent care sent me to the hospital. 

At the hospital I got two more bags of fluids, and two other neasous meds, and once again nothing worked so I was admitted to the hospital on Wednesday night.

So I spent my thanksgiving in the hospital but it could have been worse. I have my own room and I'm so grateful for my hard working doctors and nurses who missed out on being with their own familes to be here with me. And I had my parents, step sister and her boyfriend my auntie Carol, uncle Jim, Auntie Kathy, and my cousin all visit. I received many  really sweet texts, and FaceTimeed with my niece Francesca. I also really appreciate my mom being here most of the day even though it was Thanksgiving. I deeply missed my family but I'm trying to stay positive about the situation. My sister is in Chicago for Thanksgiving but she keeps checking in on me.

So yesterday I had an ultrasound test and an x ray to check for any blockage and both tests came back normal. Today I have another test to see where my food is going and I have a gall bladder test. What I am hoping is that it is my gallbladder and that it has to be removed. I know that may sound crazy but I have had these syptomns for two months, and want an answer.

When will I be home?? Well I can't go home until I keep food and liquids down and if  my gall bladder has to be removed even longer. I would rather be here than at home, the fluids help me feel better we finally found a neasous med that worked, and the nurses take care of me, and my GI specialist are doing their best to give me an answer. I have just been thinking and praying for an answer.

If you could keep me in your thoughts and prayer this week I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks for reading - it was great to get my feelings out