Hope Hope Hope

The last time I saw Dr. Frank, my neurologist and HD Speciaist,  he said to me how long have you been coming to see me and I said a year and a half, and he told me that my HD was progressing very little since he first started seeing me. To say that made me feel amazing and happy is an understatement. I feel as if my disease is progressing slowly and there is so many things I am able to do.

This gives me so much hope for the research of treatments. After the convention my family and I have so much hope in a treatment that will stop the progression and restore what it has done to my brain in just a few years. I pray everyday for this and am witnessing a miracle. 

I have been letting myself believe that I will be what I was meant to be a mother, wife and a teacher. I'm letting myself think about baby names again. 

In the famous words of my sister at 28 I will be healthy, married and pregnant and 
look back on this journey as something that made me stronger.

I am going to continue to hope hope and hope some more. 


True Friends

I've realized as I grow up and get deeper into my HD journey, hard times reveal true friends. I have also realized that it's more important to have a few close true friends than a lot of fake friends.

I can't be worried about the people who can't understand my disease and be my friend and support me, I have to be able to let them go, no matter how hard it is and how much it hurts me.

I have the best and most supportive, truest friends who are willing to understand my disease, and still love me for me. The only hard thing is these people live in Kansas and I live in Boston but they are finagling a trip to come visit me in Labor Day and I will always love them for that.

My sister also reminded me that my family, my mom and sister and my extended family are my best friends and that's all I need here. I'm done fighting for more when I'm the only one fighting.  

To my truest friends from Kansas and to my family, you have my heart for all you do for me.