Thanksgiving thankfulness

I am I Hi readers,


I am so excited for turkey day tomorrow and my family and all  coming to my grandparents! We start early for for 

in my family and people show up around ten and we have antipasto!! Then around 2 we eat our turkey dinner and everyone hangs out for awhile and we have desert! My family is big, loud, funny and very Italian! We always have a great time together! 

I just wanted to take time to create a list of people and things that I am grateful for to remind myself that there are great things in my life despite the hard of my HD.

I am thankful for my family( mom and dads side) my friends and family friends that are my Kansas family, my sweet  Lilly love dog and her kisses when she know I  need them, volunteering at a local children's museum, Music especially country music, my decaf iced coffee, the sun and these beautiful and warm fall days, beach and cottage days, boat rides
, and having my sister live so close that we can have sister days, and last but not least my million babies that I am surrounded with every day!! 

The What are you thankful for?!

I am also thankful for Avon and
Stella and dot helping me financially so thanks to those of you who have 
ordered from me! I would be grateful for you to support me this Holiday season by shopping Avon and Stella And dot!


Happy thanksgiving,



I could have missed the pain but I would have missed the dance

Hi readers,

I know that it has been awhile since I took the time to sit down and get my feelings out but I have been seeing a counselor every other week for a few months and she is as amazing as my Neurologist and my genetic counselor. Talking to her has been really beneficial but I have really missed blogging so from now on I will do both! 

I have been falling hard for fall and all these beautiful days and trying to spend my time outside with my family.

My mom and sister worked their magic and got me a volunteer position at a local children's museum and everyone there was very sweet and understanding of me. I volunteered there for the first time on Thursday and I had a blast and time flew by. I am now going to look forward to Thursdays!!

For as long as I can remember I have been in love with music, especially country music. I could listen to music 24/7. My best friend Jenny and I believed that music up, windows down, on those gorgeous Kansas back roads could solve any problem and it always did. If one of us was feeling down the other would suggest a drive listening to music. The Voice and Nashville are my favorite shows because of my love of music. I have been to many concerts, but only cried at one, and that was Garth Brooks in Kansas. Anytime anyone would ask Liz and I why we never wanted to be tested we would say listen to "The Dance" by Garth Brooks, "Our lives are better left in chance" So when I heard him sing it live I lost it. In "The Dance"  video Garth says people believe it's a song about love, but to him it's about life and the loss of it

"But if I had only known how the king would fall, whose to say I would have changed at all and now I Am glad I didn't know the way it all would end,  the way it all would end, our lives are better left in  chance, I  could have missed the pain,  but I would have had to Miss the dance" those lyrics explains my dad dying and me having a beautiful 23 years without HD and I would not change those years for the world if I had would have known. I pray and have faith in miracles that I will continue to be able to live more beautiful years and that this is a bump in the road that will make me stronger.

Thanks for reading and I PROMISE to get in a better blog routine because I do enjoy and love blogging,