Thanksgiving thankfulness

I am I Hi readers,


I am so excited for turkey day tomorrow and my family and all  coming to my grandparents! We start early for for 

in my family and people show up around ten and we have antipasto!! Then around 2 we eat our turkey dinner and everyone hangs out for awhile and we have desert! My family is big, loud, funny and very Italian! We always have a great time together! 

I just wanted to take time to create a list of people and things that I am grateful for to remind myself that there are great things in my life despite the hard of my HD.

I am thankful for my family( mom and dads side) my friends and family friends that are my Kansas family, my sweet  Lilly love dog and her kisses when she know I  need them, volunteering at a local children's museum, Music especially country music, my decaf iced coffee, the sun and these beautiful and warm fall days, beach and cottage days, boat rides
, and having my sister live so close that we can have sister days, and last but not least my million babies that I am surrounded with every day!! 

The What are you thankful for?!

I am also thankful for Avon and
Stella and dot helping me financially so thanks to those of you who have 
ordered from me! I would be grateful for you to support me this Holiday season by shopping Avon and Stella And dot!


Happy thanksgiving,