truly had happy Halloween and I slowed down and soaked in the good things and lived in the moment with true passion with my favorite people!

My Lilly love was the most adorable monster!

In the morning I went with one of my favorite aunts my Aunt Mary to my cousin Kerry's sons Tommy's preschool Halloween parade and Tommy made the most adorable Hulk!! Then Mary took me to Dunkins and we brought munchkins and coffee to  her house and we spent time with Kerry and  kids John and baby Kelly!

In the afternoon I went with one of my other favorite aunts, my Auntie Carol to  my cousin James and Katie's house to see their kids and their babies Francesca, James, and Genevieve in their Halloween costumes and they looked absolutely adorable!



Then we went to Carols house and I went trick or  treating with my cousins Marc,  Ang, Daniel, and and their babies Myles, Addy, and Zachary and I had a blast!

Then we went back to Carol's for dinner with my family and we passed out candy to trick or treaters!

I truly had the time of my life and hope that you had a happy Halloween!

As always thanks for reading.


Motivation Monday Living With Passion Affirmation

Happy Motivation Monday! This week I'm motivating you with Living With Passion Affirmations that I want you to tell you that yourself:
- I'm going to radiate with happiness!
-I'm going to slow down and live in the moment!
- I'm going to be a compassionate person! 
- I'm going to embrace my imperfections and differences!
 -I'm going to be brave, fearless, and courageous!
- I'm going to soak up the good in each and every moment!
- I'm going to find and follow my passions!
- I am going to strives to live with passion!

Have a motivated day!!

Thanks for reading,


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- fearful
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I appreciate your support and interest,


Motivation Monday: Finding Your Passion

Happy Monday Motivation!

Today I am encouraging you to find your passion by:
  • following your heart
  • focusing  on what excites you
  • quieting your mind and listen to your soul
  • looking to where your mind wanders
My passion is teaching, empowering, and inspiring others through  my Living With Passion Creative Business!!

Please come join my Living With Passion Facebook Group: A community for those who need help slowing down and living in the moment with true passion, to live and to find and follow their dreams, passions, desires, callings, and goals! 😍💕💙😍💕💙

Thanks for reading and have an inspiring day,


Wearing With Passion Wednesday!

Happy  Wednesday Friends!

My goal is to blog twice a week on Motivation Monday and Wearing With Passion Wednesday!

Wearing with passion is a part of self care which is a part of living with passion!

When you look good you always feel good!

This weeks wearing with passion looks are all from my sister and  new brothers wedding weekend when  I truly had the time of my life and everyone there was so beyond sweet, helpful, and understanding of me and my HD journey!

Here is my podcast episode about the wedding weekend  so listen here !!

So today and everyday I am inspiring you to get out of your yoga clothes, take care of your beself and feel good by looking good and wearing with passion!

If  you want to be apart of the wearing with passion community for support and advice then join my Wearing With Passion Facebook Group!

Have an inspiring day,


Wearing Your Passion Free Facebook Challenge

Hi ladies

I believe that this challenge will be a fun way to post pictures of us choosing to wear  with passion when we get dressed every day because when you look good you  feel good! Looking good is one way to take care of your self and self care is important to living with passion so I am encouraging you to get out of your yoga pants and t shirts and wear with passion each and every day! Come join the Wearing With Passion Challenge!😍💙💕💄👗 https://www.Facebook.com/groups/606493616176194/


No more never alone

I'm going to share some real and hard feelings that have been on my mind and heart for over a year now. The only way for me to get my true and hard feelings out is to write and I considered not posting this post but I am going to for awareness and I am not naming names I am just genuinely and honestly expressing myself. 

When I was first diagnosed and I wrote my first few blog posts I received amazing feedback from every one and even people who I haven't spoken to in years sent me messages and texts that I was inspiring and that I was in their thoughts and prayers and that they would always be there through it if I needed anything. I felt loved encouraged  and supported!! I also felt never truly alone and as if I could fight my fight because I truly had a tribe of fighters behind me!

 As my HD has progressed and everything is actually hard for everyone else it feels like they have chosen to distance themselves from me and never realizing how hard my fight is it feels like hey have distance  them selves away and it only makes it harder for me. I have not received hardly any of those encouraging texts in over a year

Instead of feeling inferior and never alone I feel heart broken, hurt, and let down by people  who  mean the world to me and that I love. 

It makes me appreciate those of you who keep me crazy busy and who don't see me because they have to but because they truly enjoy my company and those of you who text me encouraging messages!

I do appreciate all of you who supported me by buying my memoir!!

I do understand that HD is a hard and  complex disease and If it's your first time witnessing it progre on some one who you love can bring up many fears and emotions that are hard to deal with. I know that every one is not sure what to do or anything that they can to to help. I'm writing this post to remind you and tell you that if you make this time out of your busy schedule that would meet the world to me but if it's too hard for you to see me then all I'm asking for is a simple text asking me how I am hanging in and a reminder that you love me and support me.

I'm praying that no one is offended by my post because It's at no one just a general  realizations!


Living With Passion Pilot Course + 3 FREE BONUSES

I am beyond excited to announce that I  I am launching a pilot course for my new and improved Living With Passion Course plus 3 FREE BONUSES at a discount rate of $65!

    Have you been wanting to live with passion more but have had fears, negative feelings and emotions for too long?

   Ever  since I have  been diagnosed with my neurological disorder Huntington's disease I have been learning more and more  everyday  about striving to live with passion!

   Before I started my blog I felt different and imperfect but  my blog changed my outlook on life and my HD journey and I soon realized that people  are inspired by my imperfections and to embrace them!

   I have always always had  a teachers heart and loved children and watching them learn and grow  and  my dream, desire, passion and purpose was to be a classroom teacher. Since  I was diagnosed with HD, my purpose and desire has changed from being a classroom teacher to teaching the world about HD by beicon advocate and teaching, inspiring, and empowering those who need it how to live with passion  and this is also the reason why I was diagnosed and fight through the hard  everyday!

    The mission is to teach, empower and inspire those who are struggling with negative feelings and emotions on how to live without passion and make their outlook on life more positive and changed for the better!

    So I I know and understand how hard it truly is to do some thing that you are not used to and out of your comfort zone because it took the push from my sister to start my blog because of all  my fears  but I also know how amazing it  can feel and life changing experience when you take you take a leap of faith and jump despite your fears and be fearless!  So I am encouraging you to get out of your comfort zon  and to  be fearless  and to enroll in my new and improved Living With Passion Pilot E Course!

I can promise you that it  will be worth your money because it's an one and only course were you will learn  how :
- to let go of anxiety 
- to be fearless
-   to be compassionate 
- to truly love your own life 
- to slow down and truly live with passion
- to alter your outlook on life
-  to follow your passions, purposes dreams, desires, and callings 

Here is FREE  BONUS1:

Anxiety is a hard and real  thing to deal with and it's something that I struggle with and I know that you do as well! The FREE BONUS 1 an email consult of 15 emails from me on  how to let go of your anxiety and I will provide personalized tips and tricks on what you can do when you are feeling anxious!

15 email consults  from me on how to live with passion so you can get personalized advice on striving to live with passion!

FREE BONUS 3: Open Learning Living With Passion Facebook Group so you can share your trials and tribulations on your living with passion journey and get feedback from others on the same journey as you!

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when I tell you that this course is a life changing experience for you!


Follow Your Dreams

I Hi readers,

    Today I am going to inspire, empower, and motivate you to follow your dreams!

     I have always always always had a teacher's heart and dreamed of being a teacher. Before  I was diagnosed with HD, my dream was always to be a classroom teacher. I majored  in Elementary Education at KU and fell hard in love with learning about teaching.  I loved every  minute of student teaching! After I graduated because of my HD, I moved back home to  Boston from Kansas, and got a job working with  students with Autism. To say that I absolutely  loved my job was an understatement, I was passionate about teaching, my students. and Autism. They taught me more than I could have ever taught them, and my verbal students would tell me they missed me and my nonverbal students faces lit up when they saw me, telling me that they missed me! After nine perfect month,  I got to the point where my HD  issues and their Autism issues were too much together and I sadly had to quit.

  I miss my classroom teacher job and students everyday but since I was diagnosed with HD, I have learned that time is a precious gift, and to slow down and live in the moment, embrace my differences and imperfections and be my one true self, to radiate happiness, live fearlessly, stay in the light, spread love, live my purpose and dream, and to truly live with passion! My dreams and purposes have changed a little since  I was diagnosed with HD, I will always have my teacher's heart but now my dreams have changed from being a classroom teacher to teaching people who feel fearful, anxious, sad, lonely, frustrated, and angry  with situations in their lives to live with passion and feel as if they can conquer anything that comes their way! I also teach others about HD by sharing my heart and story about by being an advocate!

 What are your dreams and purposes? I am inspiring and empowering you to pursue and follow your dreams no matter what the circumstances are or how many obstacles you need to overcome!

          Your currently anxious, fearful, sad and, depressed and you would love to live with passion by being fearless, radiating happiness, living in the moment, being your one true self, and truly loving your life! You are a person who needs inspiration, motivation, empowerment ,and encouragement who dreams of changing the outlook on your life without negative emotions and feelings!

Ready to change your outlook on life but are stuck with hard and negative emotions and feelings? Imagine being able to change your outlook on life without  having hard and negative feelings and emotions!

Create a new outlook life on life now. Say goodbye to negative and hard feelings and emotions. The next step  towards creating a new outlook on life is by enrolling in my Living With Passion E C
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It's time to take  the time to better yourself so you can be an  even better family member and friend by living with passion!

I hope that I have empowered and inspired you to follow your dreams, passions, and purposes!!p

Thanks for reading as I love  nothing more than sharing my heart, empowering and inspiring you,


Let Your Inner Beauty Shine Bright


One way of living with passion is to let your inner beauty shine!

Here are some ways to let your inner beauty shine:

- Embrace your imperfections and differences 
- Be your one true self
-Let go of the negative feelings and emotions and  radiate happiness 

When I was first diagnosed with my HD, I felt different and imperfect but when I started my blog, I quickly realized that people are inspired by imperfections and differences and began to embrace them! It's important for me to be my one true self because I inspire and empower others when I am my one true self! Every day I fight of fear, anxieties, and frustrations because it's important for me to radiate happiness, I truly let my inner beauty shine bright and I am encouragingl, empowering, and inspiring you to do the same thing and truly let your inner beauty shine bright!

If you are some one who has been inspired by me and my HD Journey, here are ways to support my Living With Passion a Creative Business; by purchasing my memoir in Kindle and   paperback versions, enroll in my E Course, purchase my mixed media canvases and my water color paintings on my Facebook Page  or my Instagram, or sign up for my email consults by emailing me!

I appreciate all of your support and love on my HD journey,



My blog has changed my life for the better!

   My little blog has been very life - changing for me. When I shared my first blog post Our Story Matters I was really scared and anxious about what people would think, when knowing that I had Huntington's Disease, but despite my fears I was fearless and posted my first blog post anyways. The responses that I received were absolutely amazing and encouraging to keep sharing my HD journey.

     Before I had started my blog, I felt self conscious about my differences but with  sharing my story with the world, I quickly learned to embrace my imperfections and that ever body is different,

  I was inspired to write a memoir and have it self published in paperback, and kindle create an e course , a newsletter, and a creative business all because of the love, support, and encouragement that my blog has received.

   Today, I listed  watercolor paintings and mixed media paintings for sale on Wix. You can view and  purchase them here !!

      I want to take time to thank YOU, MY READERS, ENCOURAGERS, SUPPORTERS, AND MY INSPIRATION because my little blog would not have been life altering if it was not for YOU!!
I an ever grateful for your love and support that started out as my small Living With Passion blog,  that now has many ventures.
  This blog is now my safe haven to write and get all my feelings and emotions out in  the only form that I know how to. I love nothing more than sharing my heart so thanks for always reading! 



Monday Motivation: Overcoming hardships=strength

Happy Monday!! I have some motivation for your week!! 

When you overcome hard things in your life, you automatically gain more strength! I have to look at my HD struggle as something that is only going to  make me stronger in the end and to me being a fighter is my only choice on my journey!! If you are going through something hard in your life and if you have a bad day, fight through the hard and it will make you grow and learn things about yourself and life! My HD fight  has taught me to live in each moment with true passion, and to be positive and stay in the light, and to choose happiness each day and fight off all the other negative emotions! I am pushing and motivating you to be a fighter!

As always thanks for reading because I love nothing more than sharing  my heart,



Living With Passion E Course- Open For Enrollment!!

My  Living With Passion E-course is ready for enrollment!! My  course has an Introduction Lesson and five lessons  on how to be your one true self, radiate happiness,live fearlessly, live in the moment, and how to love your life!! You can enroll for $25, and I'm also offering a variety of add ons! I wam offering 10 percent off to the first 15 people who enroll so enroll NOW and you can use the promo code FIRST  ! I am hoping that you take the jump and take the 1course because I lbelieve that you will learn a lot  and it will help your out look on life!  

Living With Passion E Course

Thanks for your love,support and encouragement because I could not pursue all my Living  with Passion Venture with out you!!



Living With Passion E-Course

I am currently in the process of creating a Living With Passion E-Course and I am loving every minute of my teacher role because teaching is what makes me feel happy and truly come alive!!

Here is a sneak peek at my Introduction Lesson and an overview of the course:

   In this course you will learn about how to truly live with passion, being one true self, living in the moment, embrace your differences and imperfections, staying in the light even when it's easier to stay in the dark, living positive and truly love yourself and your life, and how to be brave, fearless, and to radiate happines, even when your going through hard times in your life!

    I am a 25 year old who was showing signs at 21, officially diagnosed at 23 with a genetic neurological degenerative disease called Huntingtons Disease. The average onset of is 35-55 years old but since I was showing signs at 21, I have Juevenile Huntingtons Disease. When I was first diagnosed I felt like the elephant in the room, and I felt self conscious about my movements and off balance but with the inspiration from my sister, I decided to share my HD journey with the world and I started a blog. Once I came out and said this is me and here is what I have,the responses that I received were utterly amazing and I realized that people were inspired by my imperfections so I quickly began to embrace them! In the summer of 2015, i wrote a memoir about the ups and downs of my journey which I titled," Living With Passion" after my blog name.

    As of now there is no cure or treatment but I keep my hope and faith alive that there will be one soon. I have always believed that everything happens for a reason and I believe my reason for suffering from a hard disease was for me to learn how to truly live with passion, about being my one true self, living in the moment, embracing my differences remain and imperfections, staying in the light even when it's easier to stay in the dark, living positive and to truly love myself and my life, and how to be brave, fearless, and to radiate happines and to inspire and teach others how to in their lives.

   I have had a teachers heart and soul for as long as I can remember. Being a teacher and watching kids grow and learn was all I have known and wanted to do. I studied Elementary Education and got my degree from the University of Kansas and I loved every minute of learning about teaching. After I graduated, I got a job at a school for students on the Autism a Spectrum and to say that I absolutely loved it an understatement because they had amazing intentions, are sweet, and I learned more from them than they did from me. It was hard and exhausting but I always had a moment every day were I realized just how much I truly loved my job and my students lit up my face, made me smile and happy! After nine beautiful months of teaching, I got to the point where my HD issues and there issues were too much combined and I made the hard choice to stop teaching. I miss my students every day but nothing will ever take away my teacher heart and soul. 

     Even though I am no longer teaching in an actual classroom, I am still teaching and inspiring others how to live with passion. I am so happy and excited that you want to learn more about becoming and embracing your one true self, being fearless, radiating happiness and how to truly live in each moment with passion!I hope that you can are inspired, encouraged, motivated, and that you learn a lot from my Living With Passion E-Course!

My goal is to have it completed in a few weeks and I will blog about it! You will be able to purchase it via course craft for $25 and when it's ready I will post the link! As I said before I am enjoying the process and I am happy and excited about creating  my newest Living With passion venture!!

Thanks in advance for your support and love,

Alex is 


Monday Motivation week One!

I am etrying to get into the routine of blogging routinely but lately I have been busy pursuing my creative business Living with Passion Mixed Media and spending time with family. I have decided to dedicate time every Monday for blogging because I deeply love and miss it and I am going to write series of motivational posts called Monday Motivation!!

Today's motivational topic is being your one true self!

Don't be the same  person as everyone else is be better by being real and being yourself!! Embrace your differences because they  motivate and inspire others!! There is only one YOU in the whole entire world! Be the best version of yourself! There was a time when I was first diagnosed with HD that I hated being different but once I started my blog, I realized that If I embraced my differences and was my one true self then everyone will be inspired and motivated by me and my journey! You are beautiful and special just as you are so don't ever forget that!! 

If you have been inspired by my journey and story, here is how you can support me; purchase mixed media art  by  following me on Instagram liking my Facebook page, shopping my Avon Website, or purchasing and writing a review for my memoir, "Living with Passion" at My Amazon page!! I really appreciate the love and support I have already had on all of my ventures!!

as always thanks for reading and it feels amazing to be blogging again,


Livingwithpassion Mixed Media

The winter when I was diagnosed with HD,   I was searching for something to do with my time, and I had always enjoyed painting and crafts, so I took Kelly Rae Roberts mixed media mantras online course, as a way in her words to, "Let  art out and love in." The painting class was amazing for me not only because it taugh me incredible painting skills but that it taught me a lot more about my self at a time when I really needed to learn who I am, and what I stand for. I can't say enough  great things about Kelly Rae Roberts and all that her e course did for me. I enjoyed letting art out and love in with mixed media on my canvas!!

I completed three canvases in the course and two on my own and have decided to create a Facebook page  named Livingwithpassion Mixed  Media because   I deeply ,miss letting art out and letting love in.
I have listed my five original mixed media canvases for $10 and  all the others I  create will be $10.  I also have listed a custom order that will be $15 and you can choose your color  scheme and your own mantra for your canvas.

Here is my Facebook page link where you can purchase and view my canvases: 

Here are my  canvases to view more detailed photos and to purchase please go to and like my Facebook page!! 

I am thanking you in advance for your support in my newest Living with Passion venture. I have been blown away from the responses to my  blog and my  memoir and I know that I will also be blown away by the love and support of my new adventure!!

Thank you for the good fight with me because I can't do it alone,