Livingwithpassion Mixed Media

The winter when I was diagnosed with HD,   I was searching for something to do with my time, and I had always enjoyed painting and crafts, so I took Kelly Rae Roberts mixed media mantras online course, as a way in her words to, "Let  art out and love in." The painting class was amazing for me not only because it taugh me incredible painting skills but that it taught me a lot more about my self at a time when I really needed to learn who I am, and what I stand for. I can't say enough  great things about Kelly Rae Roberts and all that her e course did for me. I enjoyed letting art out and love in with mixed media on my canvas!!

I completed three canvases in the course and two on my own and have decided to create a Facebook page  named Livingwithpassion Mixed  Media because   I deeply ,miss letting art out and letting love in.
I have listed my five original mixed media canvases for $10 and  all the others I  create will be $10.  I also have listed a custom order that will be $15 and you can choose your color  scheme and your own mantra for your canvas.

Here is my Facebook page link where you can purchase and view my canvases: 

Here are my  canvases to view more detailed photos and to purchase please go to and like my Facebook page!! 

I am thanking you in advance for your support in my newest Living with Passion venture. I have been blown away from the responses to my  blog and my  memoir and I know that I will also be blown away by the love and support of my new adventure!!

Thank you for the good fight with me because I can't do it alone,