Living With Passion E-Course

I am currently in the process of creating a Living With Passion E-Course and I am loving every minute of my teacher role because teaching is what makes me feel happy and truly come alive!!

Here is a sneak peek at my Introduction Lesson and an overview of the course:

   In this course you will learn about how to truly live with passion, being one true self, living in the moment, embrace your differences and imperfections, staying in the light even when it's easier to stay in the dark, living positive and truly love yourself and your life, and how to be brave, fearless, and to radiate happines, even when your going through hard times in your life!

    I am a 25 year old who was showing signs at 21, officially diagnosed at 23 with a genetic neurological degenerative disease called Huntingtons Disease. The average onset of is 35-55 years old but since I was showing signs at 21, I have Juevenile Huntingtons Disease. When I was first diagnosed I felt like the elephant in the room, and I felt self conscious about my movements and off balance but with the inspiration from my sister, I decided to share my HD journey with the world and I started a blog. Once I came out and said this is me and here is what I have,the responses that I received were utterly amazing and I realized that people were inspired by my imperfections so I quickly began to embrace them! In the summer of 2015, i wrote a memoir about the ups and downs of my journey which I titled," Living With Passion" after my blog name.

    As of now there is no cure or treatment but I keep my hope and faith alive that there will be one soon. I have always believed that everything happens for a reason and I believe my reason for suffering from a hard disease was for me to learn how to truly live with passion, about being my one true self, living in the moment, embracing my differences remain and imperfections, staying in the light even when it's easier to stay in the dark, living positive and to truly love myself and my life, and how to be brave, fearless, and to radiate happines and to inspire and teach others how to in their lives.

   I have had a teachers heart and soul for as long as I can remember. Being a teacher and watching kids grow and learn was all I have known and wanted to do. I studied Elementary Education and got my degree from the University of Kansas and I loved every minute of learning about teaching. After I graduated, I got a job at a school for students on the Autism a Spectrum and to say that I absolutely loved it an understatement because they had amazing intentions, are sweet, and I learned more from them than they did from me. It was hard and exhausting but I always had a moment every day were I realized just how much I truly loved my job and my students lit up my face, made me smile and happy! After nine beautiful months of teaching, I got to the point where my HD issues and there issues were too much combined and I made the hard choice to stop teaching. I miss my students every day but nothing will ever take away my teacher heart and soul. 

     Even though I am no longer teaching in an actual classroom, I am still teaching and inspiring others how to live with passion. I am so happy and excited that you want to learn more about becoming and embracing your one true self, being fearless, radiating happiness and how to truly live in each moment with passion!I hope that you can are inspired, encouraged, motivated, and that you learn a lot from my Living With Passion E-Course!

My goal is to have it completed in a few weeks and I will blog about it! You will be able to purchase it via course craft for $25 and when it's ready I will post the link! As I said before I am enjoying the process and I am happy and excited about creating  my newest Living With passion venture!!

Thanks in advance for your support and love,

Alex is