Monday Motivation week One!

I am etrying to get into the routine of blogging routinely but lately I have been busy pursuing my creative business Living with Passion Mixed Media and spending time with family. I have decided to dedicate time every Monday for blogging because I deeply love and miss it and I am going to write series of motivational posts called Monday Motivation!!

Today's motivational topic is being your one true self!

Don't be the same  person as everyone else is be better by being real and being yourself!! Embrace your differences because they  motivate and inspire others!! There is only one YOU in the whole entire world! Be the best version of yourself! There was a time when I was first diagnosed with HD that I hated being different but once I started my blog, I realized that If I embraced my differences and was my one true self then everyone will be inspired and motivated by me and my journey! You are beautiful and special just as you are so don't ever forget that!! 

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as always thanks for reading and it feels amazing to be blogging again,