My blog has changed my life for the better!

   My little blog has been very life - changing for me. When I shared my first blog post Our Story Matters I was really scared and anxious about what people would think, when knowing that I had Huntington's Disease, but despite my fears I was fearless and posted my first blog post anyways. The responses that I received were absolutely amazing and encouraging to keep sharing my HD journey.

     Before I had started my blog, I felt self conscious about my differences but with  sharing my story with the world, I quickly learned to embrace my imperfections and that ever body is different,

  I was inspired to write a memoir and have it self published in paperback, and kindle create an e course , a newsletter, and a creative business all because of the love, support, and encouragement that my blog has received.

   Today, I listed  watercolor paintings and mixed media paintings for sale on Wix. You can view and  purchase them here !!

      I want to take time to thank YOU, MY READERS, ENCOURAGERS, SUPPORTERS, AND MY INSPIRATION because my little blog would not have been life altering if it was not for YOU!!
I an ever grateful for your love and support that started out as my small Living With Passion blog,  that now has many ventures.
  This blog is now my safe haven to write and get all my feelings and emotions out in  the only form that I know how to. I love nothing more than sharing my heart so thanks for always reading!