Follow Your Dreams

I Hi readers,

    Today I am going to inspire, empower, and motivate you to follow your dreams!

     I have always always always had a teacher's heart and dreamed of being a teacher. Before  I was diagnosed with HD, my dream was always to be a classroom teacher. I majored  in Elementary Education at KU and fell hard in love with learning about teaching.  I loved every  minute of student teaching! After I graduated because of my HD, I moved back home to  Boston from Kansas, and got a job working with  students with Autism. To say that I absolutely  loved my job was an understatement, I was passionate about teaching, my students. and Autism. They taught me more than I could have ever taught them, and my verbal students would tell me they missed me and my nonverbal students faces lit up when they saw me, telling me that they missed me! After nine perfect month,  I got to the point where my HD  issues and their Autism issues were too much together and I sadly had to quit.

  I miss my classroom teacher job and students everyday but since I was diagnosed with HD, I have learned that time is a precious gift, and to slow down and live in the moment, embrace my differences and imperfections and be my one true self, to radiate happiness, live fearlessly, stay in the light, spread love, live my purpose and dream, and to truly live with passion! My dreams and purposes have changed a little since  I was diagnosed with HD, I will always have my teacher's heart but now my dreams have changed from being a classroom teacher to teaching people who feel fearful, anxious, sad, lonely, frustrated, and angry  with situations in their lives to live with passion and feel as if they can conquer anything that comes their way! I also teach others about HD by sharing my heart and story about by being an advocate!

 What are your dreams and purposes? I am inspiring and empowering you to pursue and follow your dreams no matter what the circumstances are or how many obstacles you need to overcome!

          Your currently anxious, fearful, sad and, depressed and you would love to live with passion by being fearless, radiating happiness, living in the moment, being your one true self, and truly loving your life! You are a person who needs inspiration, motivation, empowerment ,and encouragement who dreams of changing the outlook on your life without negative emotions and feelings!

Ready to change your outlook on life but are stuck with hard and negative emotions and feelings? Imagine being able to change your outlook on life without  having hard and negative feelings and emotions!

Create a new outlook life on life now. Say goodbye to negative and hard feelings and emotions. The next step  towards creating a new outlook on life is by enrolling in my Living With Passion E C
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It's time to take  the time to better yourself so you can be an  even better family member and friend by living with passion!

I hope that I have empowered and inspired you to follow your dreams, passions, and purposes!!p

Thanks for reading as I love  nothing more than sharing my heart, empowering and inspiring you,