truly had happy Halloween and I slowed down and soaked in the good things and lived in the moment with true passion with my favorite people!

My Lilly love was the most adorable monster!

In the morning I went with one of my favorite aunts my Aunt Mary to my cousin Kerry's sons Tommy's preschool Halloween parade and Tommy made the most adorable Hulk!! Then Mary took me to Dunkins and we brought munchkins and coffee to  her house and we spent time with Kerry and  kids John and baby Kelly!

In the afternoon I went with one of my other favorite aunts, my Auntie Carol to  my cousin James and Katie's house to see their kids and their babies Francesca, James, and Genevieve in their Halloween costumes and they looked absolutely adorable!



Then we went to Carols house and I went trick or  treating with my cousins Marc,  Ang, Daniel, and and their babies Myles, Addy, and Zachary and I had a blast!

Then we went back to Carol's for dinner with my family and we passed out candy to trick or treaters!

I truly had the time of my life and hope that you had a happy Halloween!

As always thanks for reading.